Urban Rifle Simulator Training

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You have a rifle.  Now learn how to use it!  Experience the confidence that comes with skill-at-arms!

Firing your rifle from a bench does not teach you to effectively utilize a rifle to protect those you love.  Urban Rifle helps to improve your skill-at-arms with the semi-automatic rifle.  This course is beneficial to beginners and professionals alike.

Every issue and deficiency in your manipulation of the rifle will be acknowledged, examined, and corrected throughout the course.  A strict understanding of and adherence to the fundamentals will be stressed from the beginning of class.  After a firm grasp on the fundamentals of shooting is attained, the course focuses on more intermediate and advanced skills and techniques.  This includes target transitioning and engaging multiple targets, engaging moving targets, target identification and discernment, moving while shooting, clearing stoppages, transitioning to pistol, magazine changes, proper rifle manipulation, advanced urban rifle manipulation techniques, shooting from cover and concealment, and much more!  Each student will be provided the opportunity to take part in interactive scenario training throughout the course.

Several topics will be discussed during training to build proper mindset.  This includes, but is not limited to, the important role that mindset itself plays during a fight or a survival situation, attitude, situational awareness, carrying with purpose, threat indicators, training vs practice, and the will to live.  Additionally, we will cover topics specific to the effective use of a rifle such as caliber and rifle choice, long guns versus pistols, helpful accessories versus gimmicks, skill over gadgets, sling options and placement, zeroing your rifle, and more.

Stress Inoculation

Once a new concept is grasped by the student, we will practice that concept under stress.  We train under stress so that we can perform better under stress.  Because of this, the student learns to act under pressure when responding to danger.  This helps to remove the freezing that many people experience during an encounter with a potential threat.  Additionally, students will learn to effectively control their “fight or flight” impulse.

Who Can Benefit From This Training?

Whether novice or professional, the drills and challenges of Dynamic Pistol Training can benefit you!  Shooting is a diminishing skill.  As such, you can lose your edge without sufficient practice.

  • Anybody curious about shooting but nervous around firearms or live ammunition
  • Those that own a firearm for home defense
  • Those that have a concealed carry permit or are considering getting one
  • Those looking for quality training that costs less than a trip to the range
  • Experienced shooters looking to practice or to take your skill-at-arms to the next level

What Can You Expect to Learn?

  • A solid grasp on safety and shooting fundamentals
  • Engaging targets at various distances
  • Proper draw and holster techniques
  • Target discrimination
  • Engaging moving targets
  • Moving while shooting
  • Rifle to pistol transitioning
  • Basic and advanced rifle manipulation techniques
  • Effectively shooting from cover and concealment
  • Interactive video shooting scenarios
  • And much more!

Interactive Scenario Training

Throughout the training, students can engage in interactive scenarios that are based on real-world encounters.  This enables the student to make mistakes in the classroom and learn from them.  


Training costs just $34.99 per hour!  This price includes one-on-one training and use of our training tools, training weapons, holsters, slings, and lights.


  • Water
  • Comfortable clothing (dress as you normally do)
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Notebook
  • Pen



Upon purchase, you will be provided a thank you letter as well as a list of further instructions.

There is no age limit for training.  However, we do require that anybody under the age of 18 be accompanied by a legal guardian.  

Please come to class dressed as you normally dress.  We train for every day life.

 Victoria Tactical does not permit photography or the recording of any audio or video without expressed permission.