Scout Guard

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  • Durable 0.08" kydex
  • Lightweight minimalist design works to prevent accidental discharges while avoiding any unnecessary bulk
  • Light and secure, as the Scout Guard covers only the essential areas of the firearm
  • Low profile makes this an excellent choice for summer carry
  • Popular choice for purse or pocket carry
  • Great for the primary and secondary handgun in your EDC
  • Hand polished edges
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA!

The Scout Guard truly is the epitome of minimalism!  To prevent accidental discharges while maintaining a slim and minimalist profile, the Scout Guard covers only the firearm's trigger and the immediate surrounding areas.  The simplicity and ease of use of this holster has made it a very popular choice for summer carry.  This also makes the Scout Guard a good choice for those that carry in their pocket or purse.

The attached paracord lanyard secures the holster to wearer's belt, purse strap, or other secure anchor point.  Simply place a small portion of the lanyard around your anchor point to create an opening wide enough for the holster.  Place the holster through that hole and pull tight to secure the holster to your anchor point.  Put your firearm in your Scout Guard holster and put in your pocket, purse, or wherever else you choose to carry.

To draw the firearm while using the Scout Guard holster, simply grip the firearm and draw as normal.  The secured lanyard will remove the holster from the firearm automatically when it reaches the proper draw distance.

Only the Finest American Made Materials

A company's commitment to quality begins with the materials it utilizes.  Only the finest American made materials are used by Victoria Tactical!  While many holster makers choose to use thinner and less durable kydex, Victoria Tactical utilizes 0.08" kydex.  This slight increase in width profoundly increases strength and durability.  Melonite finish on the screws and attachments used by Victoria Tactical ensures that they will outlast the competitors'.  While other holsters crack and break, Victoria Tactical holsters keep up with you to help you stay ready to protect what is most important to you!