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Your family’s security is important to you.  Location security consulting by Victoria Tactical helps to ensure that your family is as secure as possible.

What do we do?

We help to ensure your family’s safety by conducting an in-depth assessment of your property’s security and providing consultation regarding ways to improve that security.  Additionally, we identify unnecessary security practices on your property that waste precious time and resources.

First, we like to communicate with you either by phone or through email to gather critical information.  This information allows us to conduct an initial assessment specific to your property before even stepping foot on the property.  Doing this allows us to make the most of our time on-site.

Next, we visit your property or discuss your property over the phone.  We then review our findings with you and discuss possible weak points in the security of your home and/or property.

After that, we will provide a summary report of our findings along with possible steps that you can take to overcome those weak points.  Customers are encouraged to schedule a follow-up appointment after any improvements have been made.

How much does this service cost?

Security is important.  As such, the assessment by Victoria Tactical is priced to be affordable for everybody.

In-Person Assessment

We prefer to conduct the assessment in-person because it provides the most accurate analysis possible.

PRICE: $150.00 per hour plus travel expenses.

MINIMUM TIME: Three hours

Over-the-Phone Assessment

However, we understand that travel costs can be expensive.  Because of this, we offer consultation over-the-phone.

PRICE: $150.00 per hour



Once we receive your request, we will send our security questionnaire.  Please return this questionnaire as soon as possible so that we can begin the process more quickly.  While there is no minimum answer length or requirement to complete each question, the questionnaire aids us in our initial assessment.  A thoroughly completed questionnaire reduces the amount of time that we need to spend collecting additional information while on-site or on the phone.


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