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Professionals around the world utilize firearm simulator training to hone their skills.  Now you can take advantage of this same tool to increase your comfort and skill with firearms!

Utilizing a state-of-the-art shooting simulator and a real firearm retrofitted for training purposes, we will help you to become a better shooter.  Shooting simulators allow instructors to work with students one-on-one in a comfortable environment and remove the cost associated with live fire training.

Who Can Benefit From This Training?

Whether novice or professional, simulator training can benefit you!  Shooting is a diminishing skill.  As such, you can lose your edge without sufficient practice.

  • Anybody curious about shooting but nervous around firearms or live ammunition
  • Those that own a firearm for home defense
  • Those that have a concealed carry permit or are considering getting one
  • Looking for quality training that costs less than a trip to the range
  • Experienced shooters looking to practice or to take your skill-at-arms to the next level

What Can You Expect to Learn?

  • A solid grasp on safety and shooting fundamentals
  • Engaging targets at various distances
  • Proper draw and holster techniques
  • Target discrimination
  • Engaging moving targets
  • Moving while shooting
  • Two-hand, dominant hand, and weak hand shooting
  • Effectively shooting from cover
  • Interactive video shooting scenarios
  • Pistol, carbine, and shotgun shooting
  • And much more!

What is the Benefit of Interactive Scenario Training?

Throughout the training, students can engage in interactive scenarios that are based on real-world encounters.  By training for these situations, the student learns to act under pressure when responding to danger.  This helps to remove the freezing that many people experience during an encounter with a potential threat.  Additionally, students will learn to effectively control their “fight or flight” impulse.

How Much Does Firearm Simulator Training Cost?

Training costs just $30 per hour!  This price includes one-on-one training and use of our training tools, training weapons, holsters, and lights.

Many people pay ranges $15 or more per hour to shoot at a static target while standing still.  Fire 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition at $10 per box, and a trip to the range costs more than one-on-one firearm simulator training with Victoria Tactical!



1 review for Firearm Simulator Training

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Training was Excellent, currently taking classes, it is one on one, Owner is very knowledgeable with Firearms, also Experienced. Already noticed a difference in my shooting, much better than I was before. The Simulator is Accurate while being fun, Price is good, cant go wrong with this.

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