Invictus OWB Holster

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  • Positive retention ensures that the firearm is there when you need it
  • Audible "click" lets you know firearm is holstered
  • Slight forward cant increases comfort while reducing possiblity of disarmament
  • Angled sides conform to your waist for comfort, concealment, and weapon retention
  • Belt loop attachments ensure holster is not drawn with firearm
  • Five step hand polishing process provides smooth edges and eliminates discomfort
  • Melonite coated hardware for durability
  • .08" kydex for comfort and durability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA!


"Invictus" means "unconquerable" in Latin.  As the name suggests, the Invictus OWB Holster is the pinnacle of OWB holsters!  When perfection is required, don't settle for less!

Every Invictus holster provides positive retention so that your firearm is there when you need it. The slight forward cant of the Invictus OWB Holster increases comfort and provides a smooth and natural draw for the wearer.  Additionally, it aids in weapon retention by making it more difficult for someone other than the wearer to draw the firearm. 

The sides of the Invictus are slightly curved to conform to your body when your holster is worn. This improves comfort, concealment, and weapon retention.  The belt loop attachments maintain comfort and eliminate holster drift.  These belt loops also work to make sure that your holster is not drawn with your firearm.

Like every holster crafted by Victoria Tactical, the Invictus undergoes our five stage hand polishing process.  This provides incredibly smooth edges while improving comfort.  Sharp corners and rough edges have no place on our holsters.

We craft each Invictus holster from .08" kydex for durability.  While many manufacturers have chosen to cut cost by using thinner, less durable kydex, we remain focused on quality.  Because of this, your Invictus holster can perform under the most demanding circumstances.  

Our holsters are made in America and are crafted from the finest American-made materials, even down to our industry leading hardware.  All of the hardware used in the production of our holsters is melonite treated to prevent rust and maintain aesthetics.  This means that the hardware on your Invictus holster will look better and last longer.