Why “Victoria”?

“Victoria” is Latin for “victory”.  As shooters, we all know the importance of having the right training and the right gear in the pursuit of victory.

Additionally, we are a Christian company.  As such, we hold strong to the belief that we have attained victory through Christ.

Our name also hearkens back to the days of chivalry.  In a time when men have forgotten how to be men and how to treat women, we refuse to fall in line and conform to the blatant disregard for anything chivalrous.  The name Victoria Tactical is a pledge and an acknowledgement to always stand for what is true and what is right and to always be “one of the good guys”.

How do I schedule simulator training?

Our normal available training hours are Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm.  The availability of times changes as students schedule training or change time slots.  Availability also changes in relationship to the scheduling of additional classes (such as Escape and Evasion 101).  Because of this, we prefer that you contact us to schedule your training.

Does Victoria Tactical offer CCW training?

No.  We feel that there is already a high number of CCW instructors.  Additionally, we do not consider most CCW training real firearms training.  This is reflected on our simulator training questionnaire as we ask students not to list CCW coursework as previous training.  Rather, we pride ourselves in aiding our students in achieving skill-at-arms.

How do I sign up for a class?

Under the “Services” tab, find and select the class that you would like to enroll in.  A drop-down menu containing a list of scheduled class dates is located on the class page.  Select an available date that has not yet been sold out, add that date to the cart, finish up the rest of your shopping, and check out.  You will then be registered for the class that you had selected and will receive an email regarding the class within 24 hours!

Does Victoria Tactical accept dealer requests?

Yes!  Whether small or large, we enjoy dealing with retailers and work hard to maintain very good relationships with all of our dealers!  Contact us for more information regarding our dealer program!

Does Victoria Tactical offer group discounts?

Absolutely!  Whether a church security team or group of friends, we give discounts for multiple orders placed at one time.  Contact us for more information regarding group discounts!

How do I clean and care for my kydex holster?

Because kydex is resistant to water and most chemicals, caring for it is very easy.  The occasional washing down with soap and water should be sufficient to remove most anything from the holster.

Do I need a different holster for each handgun?

A holster is like a good pair of boots in that every member of the family should have one that fits just right.  As such, each firearm should have its own fitted holster.  For the best fit, each firearm should have its own holster.  Not only does this ensure a quality, reliable fit, but it eliminates the hassle of readjusting holsters between firearms and/or users.

Why should I carry a kydex holster?

Many materials, namely leather and nylon, soften and lose their shape over time and with wear.  This leads to the person that is carrying the firearm moving and adjusting the holster with the firearm as they insert it into the holster, often causing the person to point the muzzle toward his or her body to accomplish this.  Kydex does not soften, but rather retains its shape and stiffness.


How do I adjust the retention on my IWB or appendix holster?

All IWB and appendix holsters from Victoria Tactical come standard with adjustable retention, creating a perfect match of holster to firearm.  To adjust the retention of your holster, tighten or loosen the screw(s) located near the trigger guard.  Tighten to increase retention and loosen to reduce retention.

What if I want different colors/patterns or attachments?

While we do offer common ready-to-ship models, all of the products at Victoria Tactical are customizable.  Whether you want to change the colors or designs of the kydex or you want a custom attachment, many options are available.  If you do not see exactly what you’d like available on our website, feel free to contact us through email or by phone.

Will my holster damage the finish on my firearm?

Friction between any two surfaces will eventually wear one or both of the surfaces.  However, kydex has been shown to wear the finish on firearms considerably less than leather.  This is counterintuitive as we tend to think that, because leather is softer than kydex, it will be gentler on firearms and other tools.  The short explanation of this is that leather allows much more dirt and grit to be collected within the holster than kydex.  This grit collects in the holster and increases the wear on the firearm.  Kydex is also easier to clean, which removes much of the harmful debris.

Have a question that isn’t listed on this page?  Feel free to contact us!