How It All Began

Victoria Tactical was born from a dream to provide quality training and reliable gear.  After owning and being disappointed by many different styles and brands of holsters and after seeing many styles of holsters fail, we set out on a mission to make a comfortable and reliable holster.  Several prototypes later, the flagship Victory Guard line was released.

However, the drive to provide quality gear did not stop there.  We have established direct relationships with industry leaders such as North American Rescue, Laser Ammo, Olight, and more.  Whether an EDC or tactical flashlight or an individual first aid kit (IFAK), these relationships allow us to be sure that we bring you the best products at the best prices possible!

Training with Victoria Tactical

Victory is not achieved through good gear alone and no amount of gear can substitute training.  That is why we have made it our mission to help provide that training!

We purchased a state-of-the-art firearm training simulator to bring affordable firearms training to our community.  Utilizing this tool, we can teach the novice and the professional alike without the added cost and danger of live ammunition.  This technology allows us to ensure that our students have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of shooting, but also teach them intermediate and advanced skills such as moving while shooting, target discrimination, drawing techniques, taking advantage of cover and concealment, and much more!

Additionally, we offer several classes to enrich the lives of our students.  This includes Escape and Evasion 101, Escape and Evasion 201, Advanced Escape and Evasion, and many more to be announced in the future.

Finally, we at Victoria Tactical believe that the security of the home and property is of utmost importance.  It is because of this belief that we chose to expand the business to bring you location security consulting services.

Unchanged Values

As previously stated, we strive to provide the good guys with the training and equipment that they need to make it home to their families each day.  As the business continues to grow, our processes continue to be refined.  However, our values remain unchanged.

As stated in our FAQ’s, “Victoria” has a dual meaning.  First, “Victoria” is Latin for “victory”.  You carry a firearm because you refuse to be a victim.  As such, the training that you undergo and the gear that you use should aid in the pursuit of victory.  It is with this understanding that we developed our slogan, “Victory at Hand”.

We take this “victory” very seriously as Victoria Tactical is a Christian company.  Our use of the word “victory” is a declaration of our belief that we have been made victorious through Christ.

Finally, “Victoria” hearkens back to the days of chivalry.  We refuse to conform to a time in which men have forgotten how to be men and seem to have a blatant disregard for anything chivalrous.  We will not compromise our faith, our morals, our character, our product, or our commitment to our customers.  Period.

Victoria Tactical protects what is important to you


At Victoria Tactical, we know the importance of having quality gear when you need it most.  All products manufactured by Victoria Tactical are backed by our lifetime warranty.

We stand by our products because they stand by what is most important to you!