About Us

Our mission is simple: To provide the good guys with what they need to make it home every day. 

Whether law enforcement officer or single mother, we strive to provide you with the training and gear to help you make it home each and every day, no matter what comes your way.  

This focus begins with mindset.  The most important aspect of survival is the will to live.  Without proper mindset, skills and gear fall to the wayside. 

Good intentions do very little without training.  We train under stress so that we perform better under stress.  We understand that you will never rise to the occasion.  Rather, you will fall back to the level of training that you have mastered.  From dynamic pistol instruction to escape and evasion, Victoria Tactical helps to equip you with the skills necessary to overcome any challenge.

Lastly, dependable gear does not take the place of quality training.  However, it does help to make a bad situation better.  Having gear that performs when you need it provides peace of mind and aids you in your pursuit of victory.  This starts with EDC gear such as holsters and trauma equipment, but also includes tools to keep at home to make life a little easier.


Why "Victoria"? 

As stated above, Victoria Tactical strives to provide the good guys with the tools and the skills that they need to make it home every day.  "Victoria" is Latin for "victory".  Whether achieved through the gaining of a new skill or through overcoming the threat on your darkest day, this "victory" is our continued goal.

The word "victory" is taken very seriously at Victoria Tactical as we are a Christian company.  We believe that we have attained victory through Christ and this belief permeates our company.

Finally, men have seemingly forgotten how to be men.  In an age in which many have lost sight of it, our name pays homage to the days of chivalry.  It is our promise to you to always remain "one of the good guys".  We will not compromise our faith, our morals, our integrity, or our commitment to our customers.  Period.